The wine list

Come together over wine

“When my glass is empty, I lament it… When my glass is full, I empty it…” Raoul Ponchon

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La Cave offers a selection of French white, red, and rosé wines, as well as Champagnes, natural sweet wines, mistelles, and spirits (notably 20 types of Whiskey, 10 types of Cognac and Armagnac, 10 types of Eau-de-vie, and 10 types of Rum). The wine list has been developed by Fabrice Renner from “Au Monde du Vin” in Saint-Louis and is mainly composed of biodynamic and organic wines.

You can also find exceptional wines at reasonable prices (our pricing policy is transparent: a wine bought for 10 € will be sold for 20 €). More than 95 appellations await, ranging from 10 € to 100 € or more. Wines can be served by the glass, bottle, or magnum.

If you’d like, you can bring your own bottles of wine: La Cave will prepare a nice little dish that pairs well with your wine for a corkage fee of 14 € per bottle for fine wines (and 99 € for the cheap stuff! ;) )

The Bistrot is also a wine shop: take advantage of attractive pricing (wine merchant prices) on wines to take away, and leave with your bottle!

To continue the enjoyment, treat yourself to a cigar (see the list): you can smoke on the terrace during the summer and around a pleasant wood fire during the winter!

Excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous for your health. Please consume in moderation.

The wine list