Did you know you can also taste cigars at the Bistrot?

If the Bistrot La Cave (south Alsace) is famous for its wine tastings, it is also famous for its cigars! After your meal, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a moment on the terrace, accompanied by a digestive and a cigar.


Cigars & digestives to be found in the restaurant menu

Discover our cigars to be tasted at the end of the Bistrot menu. For an optimal tasting, they can be accompanied by other sweets: Glass of Wine, Espresso, Rum, Cognac…

We help you to choose your cigar by indicating in the card the duration of consumption, the characteristics and aromas of each one (light, masculine, peppery or spicy notes… according to your preferences), as well as the recommended accompaniment.

Hoyo de Monterey, Montecristo, Trinidad, Cohiba, Romeo y Julietta… our Cuban cigars will make you travel…

How to enjoy a cigar?

If this is your first cigar, don’t worry. A cigar can be enjoyed in several stages. Start by appreciating all its aromatic richness by smelling it just before lighting it. Use a cigar cutter for a clean cut above the corolla.

You can then take a few puffs before lighting your cigar, to appreciate it even better. Then comes a great moment of pleasure: lighting. In order to preserve the properties of the cigar, it must be made with a match or a butane lighter. Hold the cigar at right angles to the lazy end, then gently roll it until it is completely lit. Place the cigar in your mouth with the lemon still lit, but this time within 1 cm of the cigar. Take a few puffs, then check that the cigar base is well ignited by gently blowing on it.

Enjoy your cigar: take the time to savour it slowly and in small puffs. Appreciate its flavor!

If you enjoyed this moment, come all year round to our restaurant for a unique cigar tasting experience. You can also offer a cigar or a tasting as a gift to your loved ones!

Bistrot La Cave – 1 rue de Lectoure 68300 Saint-Louis (Haut-Rhin)